‘I love to see the joy in their connection’ Clare Tallis

Thanks to recent National Lottery funding after our move to join AgeUK Salford last November, the pilot of our new Empowered Movement programme has well and truly taken off.  The sky really is the limit as we continue in our mission to support as many people with dementia and their carers as possible, irrespective of the current challenges we are all facing.


Delivered by physiotherapist Clare Tallis, the new programme focuses on improving mobility, flexibility, strength and balance, in a series of 4 fun Zoom sessions, engaging with both the person living with dementia and their care partner. Clare was first introduced to us in 2017, after she attended our communication course to improve her own understanding of her mum’s diagnosis with vascular dementia.

Inspired by our objectives, Clare now helps us to deliver specialist communication training across Greater Manchester, whilst also continuing her incredible work on the stroke ward at Trafford General Hospital.  Clare said: “The idea for Empowered Movement evolved naturally. My new-found passion for my involvement with Empowered Conversations, together with my background of working in rehabilitation with stroke patients, was a natural fit!

“I wanted to provide the health and functional benefits of maintaining and improving physical movement with the psychological benefits of working together, having fun and connecting through a variety of activities.  It’s not a group session and this allows me to really focus on the pair I am working with. I get to know them both and I can best adapt my content to suit them”.

“The exercises are designed to mirror movements needed for everyday activities, for instance getting dressed, so that independence in these tasks can be maintained.  I really enjoy delivering the sessions, seeing the partners working together and getting to know them both. I love to see the joy in their connection and I hope to make a positive difference for the people who take part!”

For more information on our Empowered Movement sessions and other online groups, please email EmmaSmith@ageuksalford.org.uk