Empowered Carers provides one to one dementia specific therapeutic sessions for employees caring for family members living with dementia. Supporting family members living with dementia is hard, it is emotional, and as dementia progresses life gets more challenging for all.

For many family caregivers, they are balancing work life, home life and this new and growing caring role. Investing in Empowered Carers sessions can support employees to stay well at work and resilient at home.

Caregivers will be paired up with one of our experienced and compassionate team members. They offer a safe and non-judgmental confidential space for Caregivers to talk about their everyday challenges, to explore emotions, their own health and wellbeing and support around caring transitions.

‘From a business perspective, I do think it would be hugely beneficial to offer this service out to our staff who are family carers – it helps with learning how to reconnect with family members, how this changes as the illness progresses, the feelings of isolation for them and all the family’, Dawn, Boels Rentals Employee

Empowered Carers provides group sessions for teams supporting people living with dementia. The groups provide a safe and confidential space where staff can talk freely about their work. The sessions promote staff wellbeing, providing a space to discuss emotions and feel connected with other colleagues in the organisation. This approach cultivates a positive and productive working environment that supports reflective practice and different ways of thinking.

“I look forward to coming to this group, it makes me feel connected and happy”. Filo Host, The Filo Project

To start a conversation with a team member – empoweredteam@ageuksalford.org.uk