Moving Beyond Words is a new course that explores how we can use non-verbal communication – especially sounds and movements – to support our relationships and wellbeing.

This course will support carers to identify and try out creative ways to stay connected without relying on speech. This approach will empower a person with dementia to stay connected or reconnect to a social world when they can no longer use words. Family caregivers are encouraged to look for connection rather than meaning. 

Moving Beyond Words is delivered as 5 x 2 hour sessions via Zoom and has been designed to follow on from the Empowered Conversations course.  The course covers the following:

  • An opportunity to reflect on non-verbal communication and consider why it is an invaluable resource for people with severe dementia and their carers
  • An opportunity to reflect on the non-verbal skills which we are born with and which we retain throughout our lives.
  • Tips on ways to use sound and movement to initiate and sustain connection
  • What gets in the way of us being able to use sound and movement fully to stay connected?
  • An introduction to the adaptive interaction approach in advanced dementia
  • Tips on using songs for instruction
  • Kindness to self; exploring ways to meet you own needs using sound, song and movement
  • What we have learnt, what we have changed and what we can celebrate

“I feel like we have a way in now and that they have a way out!”

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