Empowered Carers : One to One Support

Empowered Carers provide dementia focused therapeutic sessions around coping with the realities of living with dementia.

Our team offer an unique service to support family Caregivers, either online or telephone, so that people can access support from the comfort of their own home. Caregivers are paired up with one of our experienced and compassionate team members. They offer a safe and non-judgmental confidential space for Caregivers to talk about their everyday challenges, to explore emotions, their own health and wellbeing and support around caring transitions.

We offer 30 minute sessions at £30.00 at a frequency that suits you.  Sessions could be paid for by using your Carers Personal Budget from your Local Authority.    

For more information contact – EmpoweredTeam@ageuksalford.org.uk

Empowered Carers is based on the emotional support model of the New York University Caregiver Intervention (NYUCI). Empowered Carers is delivered by qualified counsellors with a collective, 40 years experience in dementia supervised by a BPC registered psychodynamic psychotherapist.


Empowered Carers support can also be found through:

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‘Don’t say you are ok when you are not!  Reach out and speak to somebody.’ Family Caregiver.

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