Our courses are delivered via Zoom.  They use discussions, group work, real life examples and sharing stories to explore, reflect and learn as a group. We get people to think about ‘Tuning In’ to the person living with dementia and think curiously about what’s happening for the person right now.

The course covers the following:

  • What does it feel like to talk to someone with dementia and what might it feel like for a person living with dementia talking to us?

  • What gets in the way of you having the conversation that you want to have?

  • Simple to use tips to start conversations?

  • What’s said without words? Exploring non-verbal communication!

  • How good are we at listening?

  • Kindness to self – exploring ways to meet your own needs!

  • What have we learnt, what have we changed and what can we celebrate?

For employees interested in attending the course please follow this link

An Empowered conversation is one that opens up a space for the type of engagement which a person with dementia may want and be desperately craving for.

It is an attempt to reach out and connect with the individual and accepting the response in whatever form it comes, on its own terms for what it is, a medium of expression for a person’s wishes and intentions or simply a connection without a specific meaning.

Moving Beyond Words

Moving Beyond Words is a new course that explores how we can use non-verbal communication – especially sounds and movements – to support our relationships and wellbeing.


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Age UK Salford has received funding from the Big Lottery to run free courses for family Carers of people with dementia across Greater Manchester. The team are committed to research, from the 1st April 2022 Greater Manchester Carers living outside of Salford and Bolton will be invited to join a Randomised Control Trial to access the 6 week Empowered Conversations Course. Click here for more details.

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