Coronavirus brings about new sessions to support carers and people with dementia in Salford.

The Empowered Conversations team have set up weekly video chats and singing sessions for people with dementia and carers in Salford.

Living with dementia can bring challenges for an individual and for carers, so being forced to stay at home for a long period of time due to coronavirus is very difficult. The team at Empowered Conversations understand that life is even more challenging for carers and people living with dementia at the moment as routines have been thrown out the window. We are here to help.

Our face-to-face courses have been put on hold but with the power of the internet –  we have online courses for family carers to join and we’ve added in group sessions for family carers and for people with dementia as well as weekly singing sessions.

We don’t want anyone to feel isolated during this time, seeing someone else’s face as well as hearing their voice can make you feel closer. We are using an app called Zoom and all you need to join in the internet, a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a phone!   It is easy to set up Zoom but if you do need support one of our facilitators will be on hand to help you set it up before your first session by chatting through a simple step-by-step guide over the phone.

There will be four different sessions: 

  1. For carers of people living with dementia through Empowered Conversations Online (communication course) and through the group chats,
  2. For people living with dementia
  3. For carers and people living with dementia with Come and Sing sessions

The sessions will provide an opportunity to connect with others who are going through similar experiences and will be supported by one of our Empowered Conversations team members.

The singing session require no prior singing ability! It is about fun participation and not a performance. Singing and sharing!  All music tastes are catered for and you are guaranteed to feel uplifted and ready for the weekend.

Groups will be small, safe spaces, our experienced facilitators will make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to talk (or sing) and everyone will be able to listen to each other clearly.

 The first session Come and Sing session is with Margaret and Barbara on Friday, April 3, between 3pm and 4pm.

If you are interested in joining in with one of our video chats or singing sessions email Emma at