Like the library, this part of the website will evolve and grow over time. We want to provide you with an easy one step link to try out breathing exercises, meditation and mindfulness to help you to relax.  These might not be right for you but they offer some examples of free resources available on YouTube.

A pause for breath is good for body and mind – offering a space to reduce stress and increase self-awareness.

HeadSpace offer free online mindfulness sessions, have a go and please let us know how you get on.

A great short guided mindfulness practice for any time of day from BreathWorks, a Manchester based organisation.

 Alison discusses how improvements in both will support people affected by dementia (both the person living with dementia and their caregivers).

Introducing Empowered Reflections – Bereavement Group.  Empowered Reflections is available for families who have cared for people with dementia.

In this short film, Barbara and Margaret (communication course facilitators) offer a song to describe the Empowered Conversation course.