Meet Mike a new member of the Empowered Carers team who will be working with family Carers in Bolton.  Here Mike tells us more about his passions and why he wanted to join the team.


What attracted you to the Empowered Carers role?

I have a passion for psychology with a particular interest in the mechanics of the brain and dementia.

The Empowered Conversations movement supports empowerment and promotes curiosity within problem-solving for dementia carers. This along with the genuine passion of the team and the overall support offered to people attracted me to the role.

I have experience of supporting people in their journey to making positive changes in their lives. I also hope to bring support to the research involved within the Empowered team.


What are you looking forward to doing in the role? 

I am looking forward to meeting new people on a 1-1 basis. I feel you can get to know someone better in a safe balanced environment. This is where people may feel more empowered and confident to explore and be curious about their present situation and feelings. I am also excited to be involved with research around Empowered Carers.  As well as my Empowered Carers role,  I have also trained as an Empowered Conversations Facilitator and support the delivery of communication courses for family Carers across Greater Manchester.


Can you explain a little about your work background? 

I have worked on projects within Salford that involved supporting people make positive life changes. Improving self-efficacy, reducing alcohol/smoking/drug use, achieving goals, and improving overall psychical and psychological health were some of the main objectives for people. I have also studied Psychology. I hope to continue to develop and work within research that supports the understanding of dementia and aids advancements within treatments/support for carers and persons living with dementia.

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