We recognise that quite often a person living with dementia has made all the changes they can possibly make to live as well as they can. This course provides family carers with a safe environment where they can explore their relationships, emotions and possible changes they can make around communication to stay connected with their loved ones.

Carers will be encouraged throughout the course to consider what is going on for the person with dementia.

I feel the course has helped me to understand and control my emotions and frustrations and have a better understanding of mum’s feelings and motivations for certain behaviours. I have had some more successful conversations with my mum after the course and can sympathise more with how difficult it must be for my mum in certain situations.’ Sarah

How does Empowered Carers help a person with dementia?

As with Empowered Conversations the Empowered Carers programme provides family carers with a safe place to explore relationships, emotions and possible changes they may wish to make to help stay connected to their loved ones. We will explore self-care and support networks for the carer which may help carers be more able to cope. Carers accessing the Empowered Carers programme can also access the Empowered Conversations communications training!