The Empowered Connectors programme invites carers who have been on the Empowered Conversations journey – whether that’s attending our Communication Courses or receiving one-to-one support – to share their experiences to help others who are facing similar situations.

Meet Empowered Connector Maggie Jones who cares for her husband in Salford. He has Lewy Body Dementia:

“I help my husband to dress in the morning. At the moment, he is capable of feeding himself but cannot cook or make a hot drink.  He is able to shower by himself but needs to be reminded to shower.  He has hallucinations, both visual and audio, which can be distressing for him. He has REM sleep disorder and his sleep, and mine, is disrupted most nights

It is lonely, heartbreaking, hard work and lots of tears. It’s a 24/7 unpaid thankless job.  Empowered Conversations have been wonderful.  A support group for Carers was set up at the beginning of the Covid pandemic and two years later we are still together.

I have a counsellor who I have a Zoom meeting with every three weeks, and she listens to my moaning and gives me lots of food for thought.”


Maggie’s advice to other Carers is:

  • Get power of attorney, a will and finances organised before it’s too late.
  • Lewy is the nastiest thing, and you will need strength, patience and tissues.
  • If any help is offered, take it. Struggling on your own is hard.