Empowered Carers – Unique support for employees who are caring for family members with dementia.


‘I didn’t realise how much I needed Empowered Carers until I attended the first session.  From a business perspective, I do think it would be hugely beneficial to offer this service out to staff who are carers’ Employee at Boels Rentals.

The Empowered Carers team has been providing dementia focused therapeutic support for family caregivers of people with dementia since 2018.  Research indicates that about 40% of Family Caregivers of people with dementia have clinically significant depression or anxiety (Cooper et al., 2007). Empowered Carers help caregivers to build resilience, reduce stress and improve connections and relationships with those living with dementia.

“75% of caregivers worry about continuing to juggle work and care” – State of Caring, Carers UK, 2022

Empowered Carers enables the team to ‘hold’ family caregivers of people living with dementia.  Caregivers experience of anticipatory grief, ambiguous loss and mourning can be traumatic, ensuring that caregivers are supported through ‘dementia transitions’ is vital in creating positive next steps for Caregivers.

‘Mum appears calmer – I must have been putting her through hell!’

Sessions are flexible and delivered via Zoom or telephone.  Empowered Carers is part of a wider approach to support family caregivers, the team also deliver evidence-based communication courses to improve connections.  Empowered Carers is delivered by a qualified team of counsellors, coaches and a psychotherapist and is a project of Age UK Salford.

“The Empowered team want to support employees who are caring for family members to stay well at work and resilient at home”, Rachel Yates Hoyles, Empowered Carers Project Manager.   “If you are interested in discussing what this might look like for your organisation please email me” –  rachelyateshoyles@ageuksalford.org.uk

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