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I was sinking!


Emma works full time, she has 3 dogs, 2 grown up kids (Thomas and Millie) and supports her mum who is an ex dental nurse with mixed dementia and her dad who has a range of health issues and is currently going through a dementia diagnosis. How did you find out about Empowered Conversations? I [...]

I was sinking!2023-12-05T15:00:34+00:00

You can’t pour from an empty cup!


I spent a lovely half an hour chatting with Diana last week.  Diana has been married to Malcolm for 30 years, with 4 children between them from previous marriages. Malcolm started struggling with his short-term memory and spatial awareness.  ‘At first we didn’t tell anybody, I was scared of people finding out.  If we went [...]

You can’t pour from an empty cup!2023-10-10T12:16:03+00:00

“Share how you are coping”


We are highlighting and celebrating family carers that have accessed our services.   Bruce from Bolton looks after both of his parents.  His mum lives with both dementia and more recently, physical disabilities, whilst his Dad is blind. Taking responsibility for them full-time, Bruce was referred to our communication course which helped him to understand [...]

“Share how you are coping”2023-10-16T13:59:42+00:00

Dementia Action Week


The importance of a diagnosis and timely support Dementia Action Week 2023 is held on 15-21 May and this year, the campaign is focusing on the importance of a diagnosis, encouraging people to ‘Act on Dementia’.   Sisters Sue and Gill, alongside their Dad Roy, all cared for their Mum Hettie, who was living with [...]

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I have been given the space which helps relieve stress …


  The importance of Empowered Conversations: “I have been given the space which helps relieve stress just by talking about things”   Sarah cares for her husband Steve, who was diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia. Sarah has completed our communications course for family caregivers and has also accessed one-to-one support with our Empowered Carers team. [...]

I have been given the space which helps relieve stress …2023-03-14T11:46:29+00:00

Empowered Conversations has taken the loneliness out of my caring


  Christine cares for her husband who has had dementia since 2015, and in the latter years his condition has become worse. Christine, who was put in contact with us through Age UK Salford and Age UK Bolton, has now completed our communications course for family caregivers.   Christine said: “It is an absolute privilege [...]

Empowered Conversations has taken the loneliness out of my caring2023-03-14T11:38:27+00:00

“It’s just nice to talk”


It’s just nice to talk : One-to-one sessions supporting family caregivers Lil Edwards from Bolton cares for her husband, who has been living with dementia for four years. The pair enjoy using local dementia cafes and centres, and Lil began accessing our one-to-one support sessions in June 2022, which are specially tailored for family caregivers. [...]

“It’s just nice to talk”2023-03-08T09:44:06+00:00

Empowered Conversations helped me to accept my husband’s dementia diagnosis


  Malcolm, husband to Marj and dad to Joanne, was diagnosed with dementia in 2021, and the family were referred to Empowered Conversations thanks to our colleagues within the Age UK Salford team. Here, Marj and Joanne tell us about their experience of completing our six week communication course for family carers.   Marj said: [...]

Empowered Conversations helped me to accept my husband’s dementia diagnosis2022-11-18T14:37:17+00:00

Able to cope better!


“I am now able to cope a lot better and enjoy activities with my parents”, says daughter   Years after her parents' diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Maria Hill was left feeling unsupported and unsure of where to turn to next. She was referred onto our Empowered Conversations course through Age UK Salford and tells us she [...]

Able to cope better!2022-06-21T12:10:36+00:00

The penny has dropped!


Daughter says “the penny has dropped” after joining the Empowered Communication course.  With both of her parents receiving a dementia diagnosis, Teresa found herself struggling, especially with her mum who is in a care home and is now losing the ability to communicate.   Luckily, she was referred to Empowered Conversations and says that the “penny [...]

The penny has dropped!2022-06-21T12:07:42+00:00
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