Empowered Carers provide one to one dementia specific therapeutic support for family caregivers.

In April 2022, the team started to deliver Empowered Carers session in Bolton. Caregivers completed a set of questions on Session 1 and again on Session 6. Early results from the first 10 Caregivers completing Session 6 suggest a reduction in Carer Burden (Zarit Scale) and an improvement in wellbeing and resilience (Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing scale). Empowered Carers is based on the New York University Caregiver Intervention which found that this type of support could delay the move into residential care by 557 days. The report is included here: Empowered Carers in Bolton Report 2022

Three of the ten were interviewed to gain insight into the expectations and experiences of Empowered Carers from the perspective of Dementia caregivers living in Bolton. Participants took part in individual interviews that were conducted online using zoom, interviews were transcribed and a Thematic Analysis undertaken to identify the main themes, the report is included here: Empowered Carers in Bolton Thematic Analysis 2023